Evans Kwesi

Evans is a Kape Town-based tech journalist and crypto enthusiast covering how technology is affecting business. He enjoys writing about Altcoins, blockchain technology, stock market news, fintech and financial news. Evans also writes about tech startups and new technologies.

Helen Lamberson

Helen is a freelance tech writer who focuses on pro-freedom technologies like alternative payment systems, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She started investing in Stellar (XLM) in 2017 while working at a stealth financial startup in Latin America.

Jamie Martinez

Jamie is a graduate MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and now is engaged in cryptocurrency analytics and forecasts. She also writes extensively on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the modern digital technologies for business.

Thamir Hadad

Thamir is a technology and crypto writer with 4+ years of experience. He enjoys creative writing and his career in the tech journalism field. Thamir also has an educational background in Marketing Management.